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Card2Phone FAQ

We're often asked questions on how to use our apps and we love to help you. Below you will find answers on frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, not answered below, feel free to Contact us

Video Instructions can be found by scrolling down. They're only available on iOS Devices.

How do I take a screenshot of my home screen?

Go to your home screen, which you want to take a screen shot of. Then, simultaneously, press the Lock Button (on top of your iPhone) and the Home Button (on the front of your iPhone). A screenshot will be taken and saved in your camera roll. You will now be able to pick this screen shot in Card2Phone.

Can you add my currency?

We are often asked to add additional currencies from new countries. To make the process as easy as possible please leave us an email telling us which coins/bills you wish to be added, including their size and preferable scanned images of them. Bills should be folded twice when scanned (like the images already in the app).

Video Instructions

Only Available In-App

To access the Card2Phone instructional videos; please tap the "Video Instructions" link in the Card2Phone In-App Instructions.

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