The most visual iPhone Magic Ever

It's time for handing out your business card
to mean something to people!

How often do you hand out your business card and never hear from the person again? How many of your cards end up in the back of someone's draw? Or worse, in the trash!

There is an alternative. With Card Now, not only will you be remembered, you and your business card will be talked about! Your new contact will delight in telling their friends about what just happened. An amazing moment of magic that produced your business card from a phone!

iOS 5.0 or Later is Recomended

What happens exactly?

An image of your business card magically appears on your iPhone screen. As you shake the phone around, the card appears to be an object that's trapped inside the phone, underneath the screen. You can touch the screen and move your business card around. To finish you TAKE THIS VIRTUAL BUSINESS CARD OUT OF YOUR PHONE and into the physical world! Then hand it out to your astonished new contact.

Card Now iPhone - A new way of busines!

How does the business card 'magically appear'?

There are two productions that come with the app ...

  • Card Now - Print Revelation


    With the print method, as soon as your contact clicks the Card Now icon, your phone turns it's self into an internal printer. The image of your business card jerks onto the screen from the top, in time to the sound of a desktop printer. The illusion is perfect.

  • Card Now - Icon Flip Revelation

    Icon flip

    With Icon flip selected, once the Card now icon is pressed, the icons on your home screen start to vibrate. They then flip over, one at a time, revealing the circuit board of your phone underneath them as they turn. The flipped side of each icon reveals a tiny section of your business card. Once all home screen icons are flipped over, they morph together to become one object. Your business card, which can then be moved around before being taken out of the phone.

  • More

    We have a whole list of revelation ideas that we want to implement into future versions of the app. Let us know if you have any ideas you would like to add!

Easy To Setup

Everything is done within the app. Photograph your business card. Crop it, enhance the image, and you're ready to go. Read the easy to follow instructions, and you'll be impressing new contacts in minutes!

Card Now - Easy to Setup

It's not real magic!

This app can't really turn your iPhone into a mini printer. It will create an illusion that will leave a lasting impression. Please don't buy this app thinking it will replace having actual business cards produced.

It's your turn to create a lasting impression

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iOS 5.0 or Later is Recomended


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